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The Batman Series: 2 Special Episodes - DVD

The Batman Series: 2 Special Episodes - DVD

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In a Double-Episode Adventure for The Batman that hits close to home, villainy doesn't have just one face but many, including that of your best friend or professional partner!

In The Rubber Face of Comedy (Episode 1), The Joker wreaks havoc with a device that can change any object into rubber or putty. After being exposed to The Joker's diabolical gizmo, someone close to both Bruce Wayne and Detective Ellen Yin morphs into a dangerous creature on The Clay Face of Tragedy (Episode 2). He can transform and impersonate people of his choosing--and put some rock-solid resistance when the Dark Knight closes in. Can a pal be saved; a danger be stopped...and tragedy be avoided?



Cast & Crew


Cast: Rino Romano
Alastair Duncan
Steve Harris
Ming-Na Wen
Kevin Michael Richardson
Jesse Corti



Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy

Format: Format

Screen Format: Full Screen

Aspect Ratio:

Langauge: English


Studio: Warner Home Video


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