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This Ugly Yet Beautiful World - Vol. 1: Falling Star - DVD

This Ugly Yet Beautiful World - Vol. 1: Falling Star - DVD

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The 2004 broadcast series This Ugly Yet Beautiful World combines elements of several anime genres: magical girl, fan service, high school romantic comedy, and alien visitor. Takeru is a lazy teenager who's not interested in much of anything. But one night, he and his friend Ryou see a mysterious light fall from the sky and strike a tree. When they follow it, they discover a mysterious but beautiful girl, Hikari. As Takeru vows to protect her, a giant, scorpion-like monster attacks--and Takeru somehow transforms into a black-and-red-clad hero, capable of taking out giant, scorpion-like monsters. Hikari moves into Takeru's family home and begins learning about his world. A few days later, Ryou revisits the crash site and finds Akari, another mysterious but beautiful girl. This Ugly Yet Beautiful World mixes a muddled story with trite, paper-thin characters. None of the principals seem to know what's going on--which puts them in the same boat as the viewer. (Unrated, suitable for ages 16 and older: extensive nudity, alcohol use, violence) --Charles Solomon


20th Anniversary

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Format: DVD

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Langauge: Japanese

Subtitles: English

Studio: ADV Films


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